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Top Professional Audio Equipment Used For Events in Chennai

Updated: May 15, 2021

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The audio plays a crucial role in any event, especially if you are hosting a musical show, live conferences, sangeet party, or any such event that has to do with communicating with guests or audiences.

Linz, a professional AV company, provides an advanced and technologically-sound audio system that suits all types of events such as marriage functions, sangeet parties, corporate events, press conferences, musical concerts, DJ evenings, and more.

Let us see some of the necessary audio requirements for live performances like speeches, singing, and DJ-ing.

Sources to make an audio deliverable

To make your audio reach your audience, a proper input source is required to capture it. There are numerous ways to do it. An input source is nothing but any form of audio, video, or even a picture from a connected audio mixer. It originates from various forms of devices. Some of the commonly used input sources are:

  • Microphones:

The prominent duty of these devices is to capture the sound and send the electronical waves to a pre-amplifier.

  • Line Source:

The audio comes directly from video players, digital media servers, microphones, camera, television, etc..,

  • Direct Interface:

One of the audio input sources that modifies the prevailing electronic audio source and then send them to a pre-amplifier.

Introduction to amplifiers:

  • As the input sources send the electronic source of audio to the pre-amplifiers and the amplifiers, they produce an accurately modified version of an input signal.

  • There are several amplifier models, such as Operational Amplifiers, Small Signal Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, and more. The categorization majorly depends on signal size, the physical configuration, and the processing methodology.

  • Linz intends to provide amplifiers that have solid power efficiency and clear output. These are the major factors that determine a versatile amplifier. Besides, they are flexible with the speaker settings.

The output source – Speakers:

  • After going through all the internal audio processing, what decides its quality is the efficient speakers. There is a wide range of speakers for all forms of events.

  • At Linz, the clients are walked through the advanced speaker systems depending on their event. The professionals at Linz assure their clients a more outstanding sound quality with the speaker systems they are planning to hire. Some of the speaker types like tweeter, mid-range driver, low range or bass, woofers, full-range drivers, etc.., are provided by Linz.

  • The customers can also hire other types like hanging speakers, loudspeakers, ceiling speakers, soundbar, outdoor speakers, and more such trending audio equipment at Linz.

Audio mixers or consoles:

  • The audio mixers basically console the signals from the input sources to produce a combined signal. It also helps in changing the audio signal level and clarity.

  • Most audio consoles available for rental purposes at Linz are compact and weightless. Most importantly, they have multi-effect processors, which provide a booming audio performance. The devices can be used to power microphones, and they allow adding external effects to the audio.

  • The audio consoles available for hire have dual power modes, several mixing channels, over eight analog inputs, an AC adapter, and what not!

The advent of In-Ear Monitors:

  • The in-ear monitors (IEMs) are mandatory equipment for live musical performances or any vast events. Simply put, once you have lined up the set of songs you were planning to play for the following hours, you go with the live performance.

  • The DJs should hear the music while on-stage to observe the clarity of the audio mix. This process is called monitoring. Previously, this process was carried out through stage monitors. These wedge-shaped speakers will be facing the band, and the audio will be designed in such a way the audience doesn’t hear it. However, it causes a lot of problems that include hazardous volume tones.

  • Hence, with the advent of IEMs, it is easy to overcome these issues, becoming a norm in live music.

  • You can readily hire the advanced IEMs for your live events, musical concerts, and DJ nights at Linz.

  • A minor mistake in the audio system can be a significant blow to your events in a nutshell. Hence, one should keep several factors in mind before hiring equipment from an audiovisual company. Experience, offering advanced audio system, responsible professionals, experienced sound technicians are some of the must-consider factors before sealing a deal with an audiovisual company.

  • If you are looking to host a grand event or a budget-friendly party, hire your audio system at Linz, the top-notch audio visual company.


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