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Step-by-step Procedure to Avail Party speakers for Rent in Chennai

Updated: May 15, 2021

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Hosting parties and conducting events are all fun but only as long as you avail a professional audiovisual company’s service. Because, in any kind of event, the basic thing to concentrate is your light and audio set up. If you tick off this party need then half of your job is done.

We know you will have a lot of plans to explore your festive season’s party. Similarly, we can also feel your mixed emotions of anxiety and excitement about your move. Hence, one cannot afford to commit even a small mistake when it comes to booking your audiovisual company. In that case, you can confidently book your audiovisual equipment rental with Linz, a professional audiovisual company as we gear up to provide you an excellent service.

Here are the step-by-step procedures to book your audiovisual company.


Before you make a deal with your audiovisual company, verify their policies, rules, and regulations thoroughly. Especially, verifying the company’s insurance policy is important. It will enable safety shifting and also avoid unnecessary hassles.

See if the company is providing all the services you need and carefully monitor if they have a proper insurance policy. At this juncture, you can also check with your friends and neighbours who recently hosted an event. Looking for a customer-friendly audiovisual company is also another mandatory duty before hosting an event or a party.


Fixing a date for your event plays a crucial role. It has a direct connection in determining your rental cost. So, choose your dates wisely. One cannot avoid parties during weekends, national holidays, festival days, long-weekends, and during vacation time. However, you should also note that there are high demand for rentals during these days. Hence, if you are hosting a simple party, or a reunion, you can conduct it during less-demanding days and it will reduce your cost of rentals.


On the day of hosting your party, double-check if the company will provide all the services you opted for. Though the company does not demand your involvement in the insurance process, make sure you know it. Also, on the D-Day, confirm the venue and the location to your driver.


Either you have opted to transport the materials on your own, or your technician is supposed to pack your items; organizing all the materials will reduce the confusions while unpacking. For example, you can segregate the speaker and audio systems under broad categories like big speaker, mikes, small speakers, wash lights, LED lights, etc. Dividing and labeling will save your time from confusion, and thereby your things will also be damage-free.


There a wide variety of services that are offered by an audiovisual company. Always stay on the safer side by availing of alternative services so that you can easily manage the unfortunate incidents. If you opt for more delicate items, you can opt for special packaging services. Under this service, the team will pack the items using bubble wraps, extra cardboard, wooden boxes, etc. For example, some of the sensitive and delicate light set ups require delicate packaging. The services also include shifting the materials in a damage-free condition. If you are hosting a business or corporate event, the services are offered accordingly.


After your items being shipped, the technicians will unpack all the materials. By the time it is unloaded, you must have a checklist of all your shipped items. Using this, you can easily tick all the items that are being unpacked and find out the missing items.

It is also important to check if any speakers and lights for any damages immediately. In case if you find any damages caused, you can request the technician to set an alternative, as soon as possible.


Once the items being and unpacked and re-arranged, make sure everything has found their right place. Check if all the connections are given properly. Especially, the electronic items should be checked with extra care. Along with them, check if all the light settings are set properly.

Screen if all the wires are folded appropriately in the given space. If no, avail the help and guidance of your technicians and fix them immediately.

In a nutshell, a minor mistake in the audio and light system can be a significant blow to your events. Hence, one should keep all the factors mentioned above in mind before hiring equipment from an audiovisual company. Experience, offering advanced audio system, responsible professionals, experienced sound technicians are some of the must-consider factors before sealing a deal with an audiovisual company.

If you are looking to host a grand event or a budget-friendly party, hire your audio system at Linz, the top-notch audio visual company.


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