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Top Light Equipment Required For Your Next Big Day - 1

Updated: May 15, 2021

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Lights play a crucial role in lit all kinds of events. In fact, different types of light equipment even help in communicating with your audience/guests. In this world of technological advancements, there are several innovative light equipment available in the market.

Linz is a professional audiovisual company that provides a wide range of audio and light services for various kinds of events. Prominent light equipment like lasers, frog-haze, up-lighting, pin-spotting, disco floor, rock ‘n’ roll, etc..

The professionals rightly identify the type of your event and come up with innovative lighting suggestions and a pocket-friendly deal. When it comes to choosing light rentals, one should keep in mind whether the preferred lights provide adequate brightness, is it possible to dim and brighten the lights for presentations, if there are soft lights to read the notes during the presentation, pin-spotting the center pieces if there are sufficient lights for the outdoor events and other such factors.

The below article will vividly explain to you a wide variety of light equipment available in the market. The top light types for your event are:

Foggy LED Uplights in Chennai

If your event is conducted in a closed atmosphere or a small room, it is natural to feel claustrophobic. To sweep away this thought, you can choose colorful LED uplights. These light setups create a beautiful impact on your event venues. To create a wider space environment, all you have to do is, set up these lights alongside the walls, and high beams will project the walls taller and hence, a larger space. These light placements are apt for kitty parties, engagement parties, birthday functions, etc..

Wall Washer LEDs

If you wish to have a strong backdrop and a rigid wash of uniformly spread lights, then choosing Wall Washer LEDs is a wise choice. If you are hosting a presentation or a theatre show, Wall Washer LEDs are a go-to option for rental. They provide a brighter background, and the sharp focal points of these LEDs should be lined-up for an equal proportion. At Linz, the professionals offer these light setups for rental incorporated with several advanced features.


The Gobos, which can be abbreviated into ‘Goes Between Optics’, is prominently used to recreate a pattern in a most intricate way. Though it cannot be categorized under a light variety, this is a top-preferred light technic in recent days. It is mostly used by the theatre troupes. The majority of the conceptual sets for the theatre performances are recreated through this technology. From major sets like forests to the miniature versions of the companies, logo representations, etc.., several recreations can be made through gobos.

LED Pixel Tubelights in Chennai

Perfect lightings are one of the worrying factors when it comes to hosting an outdoor event. Especially if your guests intend to click a perfect picture, light settings play an important role. For this, LED Pixel Tubelights is the ideal choice. By placing this on your venue, it not only gives adequate lighting but also makes space an elegant one. Also, they are easily portable and can be replaced wherever needed. Further, you can place these lights over the top, hang them for decorative purposes, place them near photobooths, and more. Hence, you can readily rent these lights from Linz, a top audiovisual company, and awe your audiences.

Moving lights

The moving lights, which are also termed as intelligent lights, are promptly used for concerts, DJ nights, cultural events, etc..; the moving headlights create a tremendous and grand ambiance, especially on the stage during live performances. The audiovisual company also helps the clients in customizing their light needs. For example, these moving lights can be infused with gobos and colors. This projects different patterns, creating a magical environment for your audiences.

Get the best moving lights that are readily available for rental at Linz, the best audiovisual company.

To know more about the top light settings, advanced light equipment available for rental, head to our next blog. To hire light settings for your next big event or your D-Day and more, choose Linz, a professional audiovisual company with over four decades of experience in this field.


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