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Top Light Equipment Required For Your Next Big Day - 2

Updated: May 15, 2021

serial lights for rent

Events are all about lighting and its effective functional purposes. At Linz, the experienced professionals are well aware of the light setups required for your events. They walk you through the advanced developments in the lighting field for all kinds of events.

The article furthers part 1 of the top light equipment required for your next big day. Here, we will introduce the next set of prominent light settings required for your upcoming events.

PAR lighting:

If you are hosting a Sangeet night or a rock ‘n’ roll party, then you should definitely have a PAR light setting. Why? Because this is the best of all in providing the smoky colourful effect with the right bright. Linz will offer you a wide range of PAR light varieties for rental. This compact and lightweight equipment give stable lighting with its extraordinary durability. Hence, this is definitely the best choice if you like to wash your event venue with a bright light setting. Reach out to Linz to hire these PAR lights for your D-Day now.

Spot-on light:

If you are planning to host a stand-up show, or a music night, solo poetry shows, or any talent show, it is mandatory to have a spot-on light. These lights will help in spotting the personalities, performers, certain audiences, etc... They have a sharp focal length, helping in identifying people in a dark room setup. At Linz, the spot-on lights are readily available for rental. Also, these lights can be operated with the help of an operator, who follows the instruction on whom to focus at what time, accordingly—big day coming up? Then go on to hire the best spot-on lights at the Linz.

LED String Lights:

Why is it always about fixing the lights? Why not spread it across almost everywhere? Yes, LED String Lights can be the ideal choice if you are planning to host luxurious wedding parties, or a colorful reunion. These lights can be spread across the long tables, put inside the glass jars, left hanging around the trees, and more. As you keep your innovations alive, these LED strings can be made the best use. If you are looking to hire these kinds of lights, then Linz is the best place to check these light rentals.

Balloon and pinpoint lighting:

For fun-filled birthday parties, balloon lighting is one best thing to opt for. These light settings are customizable, and hence you can recreate your kid’s favourite cartoon characters. At Linz, the professionals help you create your own lightings according to your child’s wish and hang them all over the event venue. Especially if you are hosting an outdoor event, nothing can be as special and fun as balloon lightings. Also, pinpoint lightings are nothing but creating highlights at desired places when you are hosting events on a darkroom setup. For example, if you are hosting a theatrical show or talent shows, not everyone might like a complete blackout room. Hence, pinpoint lighting comes to the rescue, which can be placed over the guest tables, can be used as a lining alongside the entry path, etc.., these light settings can be availed for rent at Linz. Centerpiece lighting, highlighted beverages, highlit tables are some of the other forms of pinpoint light settings which are also readily available for rental at Linz.

Laser lights:

It is, of course, the most classic form of light that never goes offseason. The laser lights are nothing but a ray of multiple lines of light that are projected from a single source. They are commonly used for musical events, concert eves, DJ nights, and more. Nearly 100s of light beams will be projected towards the floors, ceilings, and walls, and they boom according to the music beats. These lights are available in several colors. Hence, you can customize them according to your event theme. Hire these sophisticated light setups at Linz, a highly experienced audiovisual company.

We hope this article helped you know better about the light equipment, their functionality, purposes, set up, and more. If you intend to host an event with a splash of colours hire your audio and light equipment from Linz, a professional audiovisual company.


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