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Top Audio-visual Equipment to Hire for Your New Year Party

Updated: May 15, 2021

We are all set to head towards the New Year 2021 with a fresh start after experiencing the real tough times. With good hopes and positive vibes, let us step into the New Year, and the best way to celebrate it hosting a fun-filled party.

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Amidst the Covid-19 fear, if you are looking for the safest place to book your party rentals, then Linz is the best place to do it. The professional audio-visual company will help in providing the top-notch light and audio equipment for your parties. The packages are customized according to your guest's strength, the nature of the party, and the budget. Also, the experienced professionals at Linz provides you with the best audio rental experience.

The sophisticated equipment is brand-new, trendy, go-to sets for your get-together parties. The article will provide you a vivid explanation of which audio-visual equipment to hire for your upcoming New Year and Christmas parties.

Line array speakers

If you are hosting a loud party, then line array speakers are mandatory for the best musical experience. The audio equipment is a loudspeaker that is made of identical speakers conjoined in a line or row. They can be mounted in any direction, and the sound produced is in a narrow vertical output pattern. The sound waves focus on the audience and are not wasted on ceilings or empty air surrounding the audience. If you are hosting a concert-like party, outdoor parties, the line array speakers are a good choice.

The small line arrays can also be used for small and compact parties with comparatively low-frequency drivers with a diameter of 15 to 18 inches. While staging the speakers, one need not worry about heights, as these speakers can also be placed right on the stage or on subwoofers.

Digital mixers

Almost all parties have digital mixers in recent years for an excellent audio experience. The equipment is utmost flexible and user-friendly. Besides, it is readily available to hire. If you are baffled about the playlists, then the DJs come into the scene and play special playlists to boost your party mood. Some of the benefits of opting for digital mixers are their functional ability and the creation of sets.

Moreover, they are compact and portable. With the prevailing buttons and knobs, you will be able to perform a wide range of musical functions. The sound quality produced in a digital mixer is exceptionally high with clear audio. If you get a knowledgeable sound engineer/DJ, then the music experience with digital mixers are heavenly.

Powered speakers

If you are planning to host a happening party, then do not forget to include the powered speakers in your audio equipment rental list. These equipment sets can be connected with a mixing console or other low-level audio signals without an external amplifier. They are compact in size and have several advantages like fidelity, cabling, weight, and ease of use. Besides, the amplifiers can be designed to match the speakers' requirements with decreased production cost and increased sound quality. These equipment sets, which are also known as self-powered speakers and active speakers, must include a speaker set when it comes to throwing a budget-friendly party.

Background music

Background music is highly essential to set the mood of any party. While the DJ plays a significant part in a party, the rest of the party time cannot be left without a piece of music. One should know that music positively influences any event's mood, and it helps the guests feel excited and paves the way to have fun at your party.

The DJs will know how to enhance the mood of your guests by fusing a variety of music styles like classical, folk, melodrama, etc. The experienced professionals will rightly know how to do it in a pro-manner. Besides, it also gives a structure to your event. Moreover, music also has the ability to communicate the purpose of your event.


Microphones play a huge role in events. With a bulk audience to address, microphones are important in any kind of party. Especially for the New Year parties, the hosts can communicate effectively with the guests only with mics' help. The hand mikes also help you in communicating with audience in two ways. For example, as part of a New Year Party, hearing out your guests' New Year resolutions is a popular game. For these activities, the compact and easy-to-handle microphones are important.

At Linz, there are several types of microphones like headphones with talkback, hand mikes, stand mikes, collar mikes, etc.

Wireless sound systems

No one likes to see mounds of wires loaded near music systems, and also, it poses a heavy risk for children and elder-people. A hassle-free way to play music is achieved through wireless sound systems. The only wire that the user needs to connect is the power supply wire. The different types of wireless speakers include a speaker with an in-built amplifier, DJ console, compact and portable audio systems, and more. With wireless audio systems, one can have more music options with musical applications. The control over audio is also an added benefit of opting for wireless sound systems. By choosing an app, you can decide what you want to listen to and set up a playlist already.

Besides, you can also hire wireless microphones that are available in the market as per the requirement of an individual. Using a wireless microphone, you can get rid of the long wire cables associated with traditional mikes.

All set to hire your audio equipment for the upcoming Christmas and New Year parties? Then make sure to hire an experienced audio-visual company that offers you a wide range of audio equipment sets. Linz, a professional audio-visual company, has experience of over four decades and provides you with the right audio equipment for your parties in a budget-friendly package. Reach out to the Linz website and book your audio equipment for wedding parties, birthday parties, friends get together, New Year and Christmas parties.


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