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Engaging Pongal Celebrations With Audio & Light Rentals

Updated: May 15, 2021

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The joyous festival of the year is here, and we just can't wait to kick start the celebrations. Yes, Pongal 2021 is around the corner. Apart from the traditional way of festivals that take place in villages, the urban style of revels is lit in recent years. Being in the gated community, people in the rural side come up with a general complaint that residents do not even have an idea about who lives next door. However, the best way to bring them closer is by conducting Pongal celebrations in a grand manner.

The wisest way to indulge everyone in the function is to cover all the age groups and to make it religion-friendly. Make the function open and announce different contests for the different age groups of people with some interesting gifts. It will fascinate the audience to participate in the Pongal celebrations.

Light and audio equipment forms the crux of Pongal celebrations. As the Pongal festival is fast approaching, it is the right time to avail of the audio and light rentals to host a grand Pongal festival at your residence.

For young people

The young couples and teens will form the crux of the participants in a Pongal celebration at apartments. For them, one can announce the very own Pongal preparation game, rangoli competition, sugarcane breaking game, anthakshari, etc. The youngsters and newly-married couples will actively take part in these games, and thereby making the function, a happening one.

These celebrations will also help the people in the city to know about the importance of agriculture, and it would be an apt competition for a harvest festival. The youngsters can also participate in a sugarcane eating/breaking competition. While for eating, the winner is declared based on the speed and number of sugarcane eaten, and for breaking, the power and number of sugarcane broken.

While celebrating the function by conducting these games, communication plays a key role in gathering up an audience and keep them updated. For the communication parts, the essentials mikes and speaker systems are readily available for rental at the professional audiovisual company, Linz. The technicians take care of handling the sound systems, placing the speakers, etc.

For senior citizens

There are a lot of mythological/scientific stories behind the celebration of the Pongal festival. Of all the four-days of the Pongal festival, each day has significance. The first day - Bhogi, where the old and useless household items are burnt. In modern days, considering environmental pollution, people also celebrate smokeless Bhogi. The second day – Pongal, which is a festival for thanking Sun God for good reap for that particular harvest season. It also marks the cessation of the northeast monsoon. The third day – Maatu Pongal, is the time to celebrate the cattles at your home, especially cows. Fondly called Komatha, these cows are decorated and worshipped on this day. The fourth day – Kaanum Pongal, is when people visit their relatives' houses and share Pongal greetings and sweets.

The senior citizens of the apartment can explain the prominence of each of these days such that our tradition and reason for the celebration will be passed on to the next generation. It also includes oratory competition, traditional storytelling competition, etc. All these activities can be effectively carried out with the help of advanced sound systems, standing mikes, hand mikes, microphones, etc.

For kids

The children can be asked to color the rangoli, and a storytelling session can be conducted for them where children can be alerted about our tradition and other aspects of the festival.

They can also taste Pongal and thus making the judging panel a funnier, entertaining, and yet a truthful one. Otherwise, a puppet show can be conducted to entertain the kids, and it will also help them in knowing the traditional play and practices.

For traditional puppet shows, light rentals are highly essential. Especially when the programs are scheduled during late evening hours, the different serial light equipment sets are available for hire. The children will also enjoy singing songs and tapping their feet to dance to traditional folk songs. A huge speaker system and DJ system will be provided for rental for these functions.

The professionals will provide a wide range of speaker devices and light equipment sets according to the size of the event. At times of virus outbreak, the technicians also take utmost care of providing sanitized equipment and stick with other safety protocols. They also understand the nature of your event and its requirements. Post the event requirement discussion with the clients; the technicians will provide you with the right event materials.

Are you looking to host the best celebration party at your place? Get the best Pongal celebrations organized at your apartment by a professional audiovisual company like Linz. Log onto Linz, an experienced audiovisual company, the instant way to avail of audio and light rentals

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