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Tips to Rent a Better Sound / Audio System in Chennai

Updated: May 15, 2021

event party sound system rental

The success of any event is decided based on various factors. Among them, a prominent reason is constant communication. Be it informing your guests about the event updates, make your invitees engaging with the speeches, or to hold your audience without any distractions, the only system that set things right is the right audio system.

A better audio system is the major reason for any event to be recognized as a successful event. Hence if you are planning to conduct any event or parties like corporate gatherings, friends get together, sangeet parties, wedding events, school/college annual day celebrations, re-union parties or any such kind of events, if there is something which cannot be spared to be mistaken, it is hiring the right audio system for your event.

Right from looking out the audio equipment specifications, to check its clarity and accumulation of space, there are a set of boxes that your audiovisual company should tick.

For example, Linz, a professional audiovisual company, aids all the needs possible for their clients to conduct a satisfying and successful event. In this article, we have provided you the top questions to ask your audiovisual company to hire the best and advanced audio systems for your event.

Selecting the speakers

The first step to choosing an audio system for your event is selecting the speakers. Different kinds of speakers are required for various types of events. Several factors like the music type, number of guests, event space, and type determine the type of necessary speaker for your event. Hence, it is essential to choose a professional audiovisual company that provides you a wide range of choices in the speaker system to hire.

Linz, an experienced audiovisual company, has several types of audio equipment that suit your event types. The clients are provided with a broader choice to hire their audio system.

Knowledgeable technicians

The most sought-after quality for a professional audiovisual company is to possess the highly-knowledgeable and communicative sound technicians. These experts should be able to help the baffled clients to choose their right speaker systems.

The sound technicians should be well-qualified in order to explain to the clients on which audio equipment will suit your event. They should also actively introduce you to newer sound technologies in the audio system field and suggest their uses in your event.

A number of experienced professionals at Linz are highly qualified sound technicians with excellent qualifications.

Deposit and cancellation policies

While choosing your audiovisual company, it is essential that you learn well about their deposition and cancellation policies. A professional company will have their policies well-documented while signing the deal. If not, it is mandatory to discuss how they go about the cancellation charges with your hiring company. Deals like booking charges, advance payments, charges to be deducted if canceled, etc.., should be discussed in prior.

The professionals frame a neat and clear cancellation policy at Linz, and so, the clients need not worry about the deposit amount and cancellation details. In addition, these policies are framed, favoring the clients.

Availability and responsibility of sound technicians

The major thing you have to lookout while booking an audiovisual company is whether they possess a responsive support team. Amidst the D-Day tensions, one cannot afford to concentrate on all minor problems caused by the light or audio systems. It is when you will require a responsible sound technician who can take care of technical issues and who can also foresee the errors and work on it.

Apart from that, the technicians are also expected to take up the responsibility of visiting the function spot days prior to the event and check space, the required number of audio equipment and types of speakers, placement of the audio system, etc.. they should be experienced enough to choose the right spots and capable audio system for you.

At Linz, the courageous and dynamic team of sound technicians will help you look after the placement of speakers and determine the efficiency of them in accordance with your event. Besides, on the D-Day, the technicians will also instantly take care of all technical issues in unfortunate incidents.

Transport services

As the event gets more significant, a better audio system is required. Transporting huge audio systems is a tedious process. Do not forget to inquire about the transport services offered by the audiovisual company you choose. The company should provide the best transport facility to ship the equipment without any damages carefully.

At Linz, the complete responsibility of shipping all the required audio equipment. Further, they also carefully place these speakers in the selected spots. The professionals also stick to punctuality. They make sure to make it to the event far ahead and set up the audio system.

Testing services

There is no room for even a single mistake while hosting an event. Especially, a buffering audio system can never be approved by your guests/audiences. To take off and land well, it is important that you do complete audio testing before the event's launch. For this, the professionals should be present well ahead of the event's commencement and do complete audio checking.

The sound technicians at Linz will be present at least 3-4 hours before the even kickstarts to check if everything works fine. It will help them identify any technical issues with the audio system and rectify them in an appropriate time. The firm also provides insured audio equipment and assures immediate replacement of audio equipment in case of major technical issues.

We hope the article helped you with basic questions to ask before hiring a sound system from an audiovisual company. Linz, an experienced audiovisual company, fulfills all the criteria mentioned above. If you are planning to host events such as corporate meetings, annual school day, college cultural, business press meets, lavish Sangeet parties, pocket-friendly wedding parties, and more, reach out to Linz and book the advanced audio and light systems.


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