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Top 6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Wedding DJs

Updated: May 15, 2021

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Most of us think a DJ does in a party/wedding pushing the buttons and rolling the disc to play music. But that is not it. A professional DJ has got a lot to do when it comes to hosting an energetic event. They take the sole responsibility for conducting a happening event, and there is no room for mistake. More than playing the music, let's see the other things that a DJ should do.

Before proceeding with the article, if you are looking to host a DJ night or a sangeet party with loud music gathering, reach out to Linz. The professionals guide you in choosing the right DJ audio system to make your event a perfect and memorable one.

Can your DJ understand the audience?

Far before the event day, the DJ should do his/her research over the client's family crowd. Explain how your event will be. If you want the party to be fun, then the DJ should make up song lists accordingly. If you have booked the DJ for a cocktail party, they should set the playlist accordingly. Also, the DJ should be well aware of the level of performance the client's crowd expects from them, especially when it comes to the wedding.

Are they good at communication?

DJing is never fulfilled when it is a one-sided communication. Connecting people with the event and making them feel that they are into the party is the central part of DJing. In that way, a DJ should talk to people and make them feel at ease. It is possible only with better communication.

Also, at a party, not everyone will be comfortable to dance and at the same time, some might want to dance but are just shy. A professional DJ, if possible, could turn into a small-time host and make them dance. But it shouldn't be compelling that it might not be a good impression.

Are they capable of setting the event?

A DJ should talk to the concerned person who conducts the party and get the to-do list. The jockey can then make a list of events to host during the party or a sangeet. It makes the audience engaging, and hence the party becomes a happening one.

Will they keep holding the grip?

A good DJing not only means a good start to the party but holding the 'happening moment' throughout the entire party. So, a professional DJ should take up the duty of making a party happening one with the music.

Do they have a backup?

One cannot say what might go wrong when. In that case, having music back up is important, as even a small music disruption might lose the moment's grip among the audience. So, for a safer side, a DJ must always have a backup in terms of connection, discs, laptops, and more.

Can they be energetic throughout the event?

DJs are the only one who conducts the environment. So they must stay energetic all through the event. A DJ should dance, shout, and make some noise among the crowd to make them dance. He/She should always be enthusiastic for a successful event.

Above all, this field needs more passion for the work. Without passion, one cannot do fulfillment in this field. To communicate with people, bring out the creativity in a presentation, and other such things, one has to be more passionate, and there is no room for mistakes.

All the above-mentioned qualities are highly required for an event planning cum audiovisual company that offers DJ services. Hence, do not forget to ask these questions to your AV company before signing the deal. Linz, a professional AV company, possesses all these qualities, and it is the right place to hire DJs and audio and light equipment to conduct successful events.


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