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125 KVA Diesel Gensets Rental in Chennai

  • The 125 KVA Soundproof Generator is a profound source for power backup with a strong capacity for generating the energy. The machine’s engine comes with direct injection, water cooled engine, and a number of four cylinders. The generator has options of both mechanical governor and electronic governor. It has the lube oil cooler plate type and the fuel filter. For the air cleaner, a dried and replaceable paper material is placed. To keep up with the single bearing alternator, a flywheel housing and a flywheel are placed.

  • The alternator of the generator is self-regulated. It is Meccalte but the optional choices like Stamford, Crompton Greaves are available.  Another attractive feature is that, the 125 KVA Soundproof Generators in Chennai have got an automatic voltage regulator. The control panel is powder coated with CRCA sheet with water and lube oil drain outlets in the exterior surface and with that the cleaning becomes simple and easy. The generator also holds a fluctuation protector and hence one need not worry about power fluctuations – no matter if it is overloaded or short circuit, the generator regulates it well. The machine also withholds a strong copper cable with the corresponding capacities with both the incoming and outgoing terminations.

  • The benefits of choosing a 125 KVA Soundproof Generator includes guaranteed supplying for prime power for multiple needs. The generators are protected with Genset Canopy in order to safeguard the machines from a bad weather and also it helps in reducing the noise level. These generators also help you run your business continuously even if there is a planned or unplanned power failure. Besides, the generator consumes a sparse amount of fuel and so a huge part of your money can be saved. Even if the main grids fail, the competitive feature of 125 KVA Soundproof Generators in chennai– will auto start the power backup. The generator is capable of generating power on worst climatic condition regardless the location of your business. 

  • With an amazing durability, be it a top notch event that involves official meetings and huge company gatherings, or a vast industry which cannot compromise power cut issues, renting the 125 KVA Soundproof Generators at Linz, is the best solution.

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