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82 KVA Generator on Hire


The 82 KVA Soundproof Generators rental in chennai are smaller and lighter compared to other DG sets and hence if your event area is compact, you need not worry about its accumulation of space. These range of generators can operate with lowest level of noise. They are also environmental-friendly with effective chimneys to filter the smoke emission. They also possess a greater fuel-efficiency.

The generators are designed with the motto of maximized efficiency, and thus providing power backup at low cost. The engine and the alternator are placed on a common MS fabricated base. The control panel is coated for a weather-proof and long lasting capacity.

The control panels possess LED indications for battery alerts, excessive water temperature and low oil lube pressure. It also has combined meter for voltage, amps and frequency. The indicating lamps for ‘load on’ and ‘set running’, the aluminium busbars for incoming and outgoing termination. The fuel tank is capable of operating for longer hours with higher efficiency.

The requirement of generators differs according to the number of head counts at. Be wise in choosing the right generator rental company for you and also remember experience is the key.

With almost 40+ years of experience in the field of audio and lighting systems, the enthusiastic and courageous team of professionals intend to support your events, regardless of its nature, with major power backup resources. In that case, right from suggesting the generator with right load capacity to suit your event, to taking up the complete responsibility of transforming and setting up of generators, to handling them in an efficient manner, the professionals at Linz are being a specialist in this field for a long time now.

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