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Linz - 5KVA Generator Rental in Chennai

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  • If you are about to conduct an event, you cannot risk it without a power backup source. Hence, choosing an apt generator that will suit your event is essential. Especially, for the mikes, and light settings, the power supply is mandatory. Also, if your event is based on indoor, you should also care to provide an uninterrupted AC / fan facility.

  • So, how do we do it is a major question now. But do not worry when Linz is here. A professional company with over 40 years of experience, we gear up to provide different varieties of generators for rentals for our exclusive clients.

  • Although there are several types of generators in the market, one has to concentrate on the size (supply capacity or KVA).

  • In that case, let’s see the uses, features and importance of 5 KVA Soundproof Generator rental in chennai:

  • A 5 KVA Soundproof Generator is a pocket-friendly and efficient power generator to safeguard the power backup for both household and office events. The bigger the KVA, bigger is the capacity of a generator in terms of size, weight and other such components.

  • In that case, 5 KVA Generators rental in chennai are compact and efficient as well. It weighs more or less 80 - 95 kilograms and has a fuel tank capacity of 28 litres. When filled up, they can efficiently run up to 12 hours without interruptions. Some of the attractive features include auto choke, auto decompressor, detachable wheel and remote control. The engine performance of these generators are commendable and the smart choke facility allows the operator to start / stop the machine with nearly 40 meters distance away from the generator using a remote controller.

  • Also, 5 KVA Soundproof Generator has the capacity of powering up 3 AC units, 1 heavy capacity freezer and other small loads like lights, television and more.

  • These generators can be used for birthday parties, kitty parties, fun meet ups, compact office gatherings, and more.

  • At Linz, the 5 KVA Soundproof Generators are readily available for rent. Choose our best generator rental deals to enjoy your household parties without any power interruptions.

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