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Top Light Rental Ideas For New Year 2021

Updated: May 15, 2021

New Year 2021 is here, and we can’t wait to celebrate it. As we are heading towards the New Year, we hope this year brings you immense joy and makes your place a safer place to live. It is high time to host a fun-filled party or a friends’ gathering and give a warm welcome this New Year to celebrate this.

light rental near me

Parties are nothing without lights. However, buying and storing lights are of no use as they will rest in your godown throughout the year except for the festival times. In fact, lights do not work effectively if they are not used for a long time. Hence, when it comes to showcasing innovative light sets at your parties and functions, hiring them is the best way to do it. If you are all set to host a colourful party, then renting out one is a wise choice. Linz, a professional audiovisual company, helps you from scratch to hire light equipment sets for all kinds of events.

The below article will provide a vivid idea of what light equipment to hire with Linz and make your party a happening and interesting one.

Wireless LEDs

Nobody likes the clutter of wires mounded everywhere. The best way to get rid of these unnecessary wirings is to hire wireless LEDs. The top benefits of these light setups are they can be placed almost everywhere without any hassles. They are also remote-controlled. Hence, whenever you want to switch off/on the lights, you need not lookout for a responsible controller. Moreover, the usage of these lights creates a safer party environment for children and senior citizens.

At Linz, the customers are provided with colourful wireless LEDs and advanced remote controllers. Besides getting rid of the wires, these light setups provide a clutter-free look to your party arena.

Effect lightings

The lights, in a way, communicate with your guests. The major role of effect lightings includes blinks according to the music, pin-pointing on people, on and off whenever needed, etc. One needs a responsible team of light controllers to make these effective light setups presentable.

At Linz, the experienced professionals will assist you throughout the event in controlling the lights. The team will communicate with you well ahead of the event and discuss whom to be spotted and how to control lights for the given list of songs. It helps you remain tension-free while the team of professionals takes care of it.

Pin spotlights

The pin spotlights play a key role in making your party or gatherings an engaging one. Be it hosting a show-cum-party, or addressing a gathering; you can surprise your guests by asking them questions or presenting them with some surprise and followed by that pin-pointing them with the light, instead of calling them by their name. It makes the event more fun-filled and makes your guests go awe.

Photo booth lights

Since you are conducting a New Year party, undoubtedly, your friends and family will be the front liners in it. So, why not surprise them by creating a photo booth and a photo gallery? You can simply print and put up your pictures with them so far and create a gallery. It can be provided with extra elegance by hiring photo gallery lights with Linz. As most of the parties occur during late evenings, these light setups help with a better view, and the entire place will be lit.

Similarly, you can also create a photo booth near this gallery to make this event memorable for you and your friends and family. However, none like their photographs to be captured in dim light. It can be sorted out by hiring rim lights and other photo booth lights to enhance your pictures. Hence, memories can be frozen, fresh, and beautiful.

Stage lights

In most of the parties, the center stage or the podium-like setup forms the core of the event, and most talks, dances, etc. occur here. Hence the stage needs to be decked up with light setups. You can hire colourful stage lights that can be arrayed all over the stage. If your party has entertainment performances, the stage lights play a key role. There are different types of stage lights, including the stand-alone centerpiece, single colour/multi-colour laser system, a wide range of angle reflectors, etc.

These lights help in providing the right event ambiance to your events. All these light setups are readily available for rental at Linz. The responsible professionals who have decades of experience in the audiovisual rental field provide you complete assistance in fixing this equipment in the right places and their best functional experience.

Mirror balls

If you’d like to give out a rock ‘n’ roll party-like ambiance or retro mood to your event, then mirror balls are a must. With the help of professionals, you can easily install them at your parties, which will make your guests go awe. It is a compact ball that shines brightly with a minimum amount of light setups and brings in the perfect retro feel. Another benefit is that it doesn’t involve wires, as they are free to hang offs.

Wash Lights

To light up more significant areas, wash lights are a go-to option available for rental. The nature of the light emitted come out with stronger beams with higher versatility with adjustable angles. They are compact and wireless. It can be moved from one place to another easily as it weighs light. It also comes out in different colours.

The technicians at Linz who are well aware of light functionalities will help in fixing these light setups at the right places as they have quick lock features. Hence, you need not worry about the fixing of lights.

Feature Lights

Linz also offers some top-notch solid coloured lights that will provide variations in light setups at your party. For example, there are feature lights in Red, Green, Blue, White, etc., that produce a strong and bright light beam and enhance the required areas. For example, if you have placed a photo booth, or if you want to highlight your garden areas, or the kids' play area, you can choose to array these feature lights in these areas.

The light technicians will help you with these light sets' professional installation setup in the desired places. These are also compact and weightless.

Are you all set to host your party? Then, with no more delay, head to the Linz site and book your top light and audio equipment for rental. Host your fun-filled party with the help of Linz, in a most hassle-free way.

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