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Host This Festive Season’s Parties with Innovative Light Rentals

Updated: May 15, 2021

serial set lights for rent near me

serial set lights for rent near me

Just like you, we are all excited to host a series of parties this festive season. Yes, as we are in the verge of celebrating this party season and we know you are busy planning on how to spend it in a happening way. Keeping people who go for parties aside, this article is specially presented to those who are planning to conduct their own parties, especially during this crucial time of virus breakout. Before you blow your mind with too many ideas, read the below piece to catch up some creative tips to host a fun-filled and a happening party.

The festive seasons are nothing without an innovative light and music set up. To rent out these light equipment sets, one should be careful in choosing an audiovisual company. In that case, Linz, an experienced audiovisual company has a solid experience in this field. The professionals can work just right up to your expectations and provide you with sophisticated light set ups.

The company offers a wide variety of light rentals right from LED lights, to stand alone lights, to artificial candle light set ups – you name it and we have it readily available for rentals, exclusively for you. Let us see some of the prominent parameters to celebrate an innovative party during this celebration season and how our light equipment help kick starting your party in style.

Theme first

Before planning anything, set your theme. Because, everything else should be planned based on the theme right from the food, costumes, make-up, to the entire set-up that takes part in your party. One of the basic go-to themes could be colour coordinating. You can also add in some other fun-filled themes like mix and match, joker costume, vampire theme, etc.., Adopting these ideas will fascinate your guests.

By discussing your colour theme with our professionals in advance, the company will provide the clients with the light set ups that will match the party’s colour and concept. Flashing the contrasting colours and the corresponding thematic colours will work well with your colour codes and fascinate your guests for sure.

Small yet separate bar

A party isn’t fulfilled without at least a pint of beer. So do not forget to setup a separate room like where your guests can avail drinks. Setting up of this place can be focused more. Decorate the place according to your theme. In case, you are following vampire theme, give this place the same effect. If it is about joker theme, then follow the same set up too.

As the bar is one of the main ambience of the party, setting up the atmosphere with the right light rentals is essential. The light equipment provided by Linz, will help in enhancing the look and feel of your party set up and we are sure your guests will go awe about it.

Lit the Lights

For any party, when you think about decorations, the serial lights can make their way in, without any doubts. Instead of using normal lights, you can use the colourful serial lights and other innovative light models to deck up your party in a creative way. These set ups will not only lighten up the environment physically but will also help in bringing people to the party mood, mentally. For example, wrapping the serial lights in or outside the old wine bottles is a best idea. It might sound simple yet it looks beautiful at party nights.

For more innovative ideas like these, the experienced professionals at Linz, an audiovisual company will come to the rescue. By booking your audio and light rentals with Linz, all you have to do is leave the entire party set up idea to the professional technicians, and sit back and chill.

Blow up the balloons

The balloon lighting ideas are never off season. Letting the glittering balloons roll on the floor at your party is the best idea. However, make sure it doesn’t hinder the way. You can create a separate floor space for balloon and if possible, you can also create a photo booth near this. It will help people in clicking memorable pictures.

Wrapping up the lights around the balloons are some of the classic ideas to make your party place look elegant. The technicians will help with this process and tie the balloons in the appropriate places. There are also special light settings carried out for balloon bulbs. These are some of the innovative ideas exclusively presented for you by the technicians at Linz.

Foodgasm all the way

Never forget to give a delightful treat with the best food to your guests. Especially, if you’re planning to set up a bar, then arraying your dining area with crunchy food is important. You can present your guests lip-smacking food. But make sure you do not forget to lighten up your food area. Most food lovers are going to spend their time in this space and can we leave this place dull? Never. There are separate innovative light set ups available for hiring at Linz, which will give a right ambiance to the food area in your parties.

Freezing memories

The parties take place mostly during late evenings. By creating a photo booth, you can help your guests create a memorable year, but what about the lightings? The photo light set ups offered by the audiovisual company Linz will enhance your looks and you can capture your bright and beautiful picture in the photo booth made for you.

Looking to host a best and unforgettable festive party? Then connect with Linz, a professional and experienced audiovisual company with knowledgeable and cooperative technicians. We are happy to connect with you and be part in making your party a success. Sign up with Linz now to host this festive season’s fun-filled party with exclusive light and audio rentals. Scroll through our site to explore a wide range of sophisticated audio and light rental set ups for all types of events.

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