Linz Corporation is a service provider for Sound System, Stage Lighting,Serial Lighting,Decorative Lights,General Lighting and Generator Rental. It was formerly known as "Abraham Electrical & Sound Service" . Mr.Gnanaraj A is the founder of this company and it was established in 1985. Linz Corporation has expertised on Live Audio Mixing, Light decoration and Electric Power services through its experience over years.

Are you looking to Host an event in Chennai? Announcements play a key role in any kind of an event. Especially, when you are looking to host a fun-filled and a communicative event, then directing your guests with proper information/announcements is a must. For this, you need an advanced audio system, and particularly it should suit your environment.

At Linz, we provide an audio system that suits your need. When it comes to a compact party room, the audio shouldn’t boom up and irk your guests, when it comes to a corporate meet, the audio should be sharp and reach your audience and especially when it comes to birthday parties apt audio systems are essential to keep your guests engaged. Also, while announcing, one cannot afford to experience irrelevant noises from mikes. All this is taken note by the highly-experienced professionals in Linz.

So, to be wise in choosing your audio system according to the atmosphere, choose Linz audio rentals, the no.1 experienced company in the audio visual field.

Any event cannot function effectively without a Disc Jockey (DJ). In fact, they are the one who up their arms for a happening party, wedding, or any sort of gatherings.

With all the advanced types of DJ audio systems mentioned above, the team of Linz gears up to provide you with the out and out professional audio experience with our DJ audio systems.

An interesting aspect of choosing the right audio system for you is that the team of enthusiasts at Linz is just a call away to show you a customized set of songs/music according to your need.

It is common to wonder what kinds of music to choose for your event. Hence, we provide you with a set of advanced options and so choosing your music becomes easy. Besides, the professionals also provide the audio systems that suit your environment. So, get set to party with our advanced DJ audio sets.

Linz Corporates expert audio technicians helps you with Audio / sound system rental in Chennai for your special occasions. The advanced audio systems at Linz keep up with the trends to provide various sorts of mikes, speakers and other announcement tools. We gear up to provide the sharp audio with no technical disturbances. The crew of Linz focuses on providing customized audio systems that suits your guests.

For all kinds of corporate events, a sophisticated audio tools like microphones, interview mikes, hand mikes, etc.., are provided. Further, be it a grand wedding event, or a compact birthday party or any such parties – it majorly involves comedy shows, singing and lots of announcements. For these, the suitable stand mikes (adjustable), hand mikes, wired mikes are all provided.

The experienced professionals at Linz will have a detailed briefings about mike needs and provide the clients with advanced announcing and audio tools. So, reach out to Linz to host a happening and engaging events with advanced and sharp audio systems.

Call Linz Sound Expert for your Event party sound system rental within Chennai.

Who doesn’t like to be under spotlight? So, if you are planning on innovative lightings, then choosing Linz is the right decision.

In any event, a simple mistake with the lights, and even a slight delay in timings could be a glaring error. The most essential aspect for an accurate and flawless lighting is experience in working with it. In that way, the Linz’s advanced lightings brings in the immense joy among your guests.

One cannot imagine a posh sangeet night, or a loud party night without playing with light works. Besides the audio, lights add up to the visual noise. The right amount of sharpness in lightings can add a great value to your events.

The professionals at Linz who has a vast experience in the field of lighting up the events, will provide the clients with the customized light products according to your events.

Be it celebrating the best revenue of your company, or a special gathering on festivals/occasions, or an official meeting for some serious discussions – every need is different and the products provided for all these kinds should be crisp and customizable. Only an experienced professional who has conducted successful corporate events, can provide the audio and light products for all these events.

In that case, Linz and its dedicated and enthusiastic team of professionals will provide their clients with apt audio and light needs in a sophisticated manner.

Besides, they also take the complete care of hosting a successful corporate meet by prior visiting to the site and deciding up on the tools based on the particular environment. From deciding the placement of podium lights, to mikes to speakers for clients’ convenience, the professionals at Linz are the experienced service providers in the field of hosting the cherishable corporate events.

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